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T&L Manufacturing

Window Well Cover Installation

Basement Window Well Covers and Installation T & L Manufacturing Corporation offers the T & L Security Plus Window Well Protectors that prevent children and animals from falling into window wells while protecting your home.

Lay the window well cover over the well.

If the metal window well cover is bent, use a sledgehammer to tap it back into shape as needed.

Make sure you purchased the correct size and type for your window well.

Mounting angles should be 10-12 inches from back well.

Window Well Installation

Follow the diagram at left for ideal placement of locking angle.

Mark both bolt hole locations making sure top of of the angle is below the top of the window well.

Drill 3/8" hole

Mounting angle should be one inch below top of the window well. Put the long side of bracket against the window well.

Mount angle to window well with a 3/8" bolt and nut. Place the well cover over the window well and place 3/8" pin through washer then through top of window cover as shown below.

Install locking clips from inside the window well.


Note: If installing a window well ladder at this time, install the ladder before final installation of locking clips. Ladder mounts under the window well protector.