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T&L Manufacturing

Custom Plasma Cutting

Custom Plasma Welding and Plasma Fabrication T & L Manufacturing offers custom plasma cutting, plasma fabrication and custom plasma welding for small and large projects.

Custom Plasma Cutting is a style of metal fabrication that developed from plasma welding. Plasma cutting transformed into an efficient way of cutting sheet metal because of the more efficient workflow that was created when accurate cuts and smoother edge lines were produced from the plasma cutter’s head.

With CNC plasma cutters, the need for templates is no longer necessary. Our plasma cutters are ideal for cutting holes and adding unique features in tubes and structural parts as well as sheet and plate.

As a direct custom metal manufacturer, T&L’s capabilities to produce custom shapes in a short amount of time pass the savings directly onto our customers. The CNC plasma cutting machines are generally used for flat sheets of metal to produce custom metal parts and custom metal patterns

Our CNC tables allow a computer to be in command of the torch head creating clean sharp cuts. CNC plasma machines are capable of multi-axis cutting of thick material, permitting complex welding seams on custom metal parts that are not possible otherwise.

Custom Plasma Cutting Aurora, IL