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T&L Manufacturing

Metal Fabrication

Custom Manufacturing and Custom Welding T & L Manufacturing Corporation offers custom manufacturing, metal fabrication and custom welding for small and large projects

Custom Metal Fabrication is the process of manipulating metal by cutting, grinding, bending and forming metal components into custom shapes, parts or machinery either as custom items or complete metal fabricated equipment as requested by our clients.

Custom Metal Fabrication can be manipulated using many techniques including band saws, drill lines, plasma cutting, laser cutting, flame cutting, CNC machines and computer-aided manufacturing– CAM.

When working with irregular beams, posts, metal sheets and metal ends, a torch such as our flame torch, or CNC machinery that uses Plasma torches and Laser torches for cutting are used in general. The CNC machines align the torch heads to the piece of metal equipment that is being cut according to the computer settings that have been entered by our CNC technicians.

Once the CNC machine is activated, the flame cutting or plasma cutting torches glide from location to location cutting through the metal elements and producing clean edges for T&L Manufacturing to work with. The same CNC machinery can be used for punches and drilling.

Custom Metal Fabrication Aurora, IL